Accountability- The “Tony” Experience

Yesterday I was scolding my husband about this whining co-worker. Moreso, I felt he’s the one whining because he is letting it happen. I told him he needs to make him accountable for his miserable attitude. We  are the only people who are responsible for the continuation of such utterly inappropriate behaviour because we allow it to happen. We allow not to make the other person accountable and possibly no one ever have. I told him if you can’t then you are not allowed to complain.


We imprison ourselves of senseless whining and complaints of others’ disgusting attitude. We abhor them. We curse, we get heated up, we just waste another time of our life talking about the other person who consumes our very own self. When we do this, we are unfair to ourselves. We are unfair to the people we love on whom we take this venting out on them whereas we should be spending that valuable time with more productive and loving ways.


We will not accept anymore and we will make them accountable. The time is now!

Saturday, February 18, 2012; 6:40 PM


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