Natural Gift

I felt good when new ideas comes to me especially what I expressed to my team yesterday.

We had this activity where we were all standing together and candid venting came through.


With the urge to say something, a concept formed out from my mouth and I said:

“there’s nothing more than you can do to what you have experience than asked these two important questions when you are faced with a difficult situation:

  1. What did I learn from this      experience, and
  1. What do I do with this      learning


It got everyone silent. They were thinking on how these questions impacted them because most of often than not, people tends to say things of what “must be done” but never really do it themselves.


Because we are all different from each other, we may experience things at the same time but the experience has impacted has differently. Therefore, we react to those situations differently and consciously make a decision on how that impact oneself and others. You may not want to do anything, meaning taking an action, whether saying something about the experience, then its your decision. Some may say or do something about, some will not because its still their decision. You may get the same experience but its up to you who makes the decision on what you will do to the impact it made to you.


No one can say that was wrong or right. Some can agree or disagree but it was your choice. All you have to do is to ask yourself with these 2 important questions: what did I learn from this experience and what do I want to do with this learning.


If you answer them, then you are making a life changing decision that its only you who can take accountability for, thus you can’t blame anyone.

November-06-13; 7:35 PM


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