Unforgettable Couple

My most memorable wedding was Rickesh and Alisha. Not because their wedding was a top notch, elaborate, expensive, out of this world wedding. And this is what I’ve been telling my husband for so long, Rickesh and Alisha are the most sweetest, realistic, loving, genuine and respectable couple. I am not just honored to be part of their wedding but honored to have met them. Both of them are so involved in the wedding but their involvement are rooted to what you call “love.” Yes my friend, this is the only couple I saw “love” between them throughout this process. They are both genuine people. They were so involved in the process of the wedding planning and you can see how they showed importance to the intricacies of the details of their wedding but most of all, I just can’t get enough how respectful they are to people around them. Both of them were just so real, kind, organize and careful, trusting…as in I felt I grew as a person just being in their presence. Just unbelievable, honest to goodness great people!


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