Belive that Magic Could Happen

Sunday morning of football, I can’t believe that my husband was able to spare his “genius” mind to me. Get it? Football?! It was supposed to be a funny remark because for all we know (for most women out there will agree with me) that when its football time, its like a different timezone or different world with them.

But, I was pleased that I got him started talking about connecting with people. He shared his days when he used to be in salesforce where he, he said, met most of the “amazing” people in his life. That’s what he said. Really! For him, it was truly an amazing time to engage with people and create connections because you decided to do so. Its all about the belief that God did not favour the other person more than you. We are all special, the only difference is how each person manage to make it special in their lives. Its contingent on the individual to find success and treat each failure an opportunity towards success. Then he said, believe that magic could happen. I say, what?!

Believe that in each encounter you make, magic could happen. In every encounters you make, something special will spark a path for you to be where you wanted to be. So, believe.



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