Fight as a Family

I am so happy that “StartofDrive” found me as I loved what I have been reading in his pages as he explained to me that the core meaning of his blog is: “Football and Life began.” Just like his post about “Family,” I can’t help but be inspired that the reference to the team is family standing up together through adversity, failure and success.

Start Of Drive

As you watch this video think about how do you fight as a family when faced with adversity. Do you point the finger? Do you play the blame game? Do help your family knowing it helps you? I would argue we all have individuals fights in which we may win or lose. However, every fight you have as a family should be together. Win, Lose, or Draw. Can you turn to your left or right and see you family going through the same struggle you are? If so, that’s the definition of “fighting the good fight”.

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