Is there an opportunity right in front of you that could
rock your business (but perhaps you’re avoiding it)?

Quote from Bill Baren. He is one of the successful entrepreneur coach. I was inspired by one of his newsletter. What he said impacted me because I hear it this way: Is there an opportunity right in front of you that could rock your “life” that perhaps you’re avoiding it?

This question resonated with me back when I was in college. I still clearly remember what my college Professor said about “opportunity.” He compared this to “cupid” who hunts people to strike his arrow to find someone to spark love. He would look for you and be on your face so that love can bloom.


However, he said, “opportunity” is different. He described “opportunity” as someone who is grumpy but cute and has very long hair that flows down in front of his face except that he is bald at the back. “Opportunity” will hunt you, look for you and comes to your face. As what opportunity does, he does not stay for long. Because he is so grumpy, he would turn his back around and if you didn’t respond to him, you will totally missed out on it. As soon as he turned his back away from you, have nothing to hold on to, remember he got baldness on his back? He said, opportunity is this grumpy cupid that when he knocks and you don’t open, he will walk away and evaporates.

So, don’t let opportunity walk away from your life. Grab it and take hold of it since its already on your face. Don’t miss out. Hold on and do something amazing to it.


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