The Promise

If you are working in healthcare industry, this one is for you.

Once I asked, why isn’t there a promise contract from any staff/ worker. I want to see them pledge an oath of promise, a commitment, a sincere stand to do what is always right–what worth doing is worth doing for their clients. I actually wrote this pertaining to staff working with children or youth with intellectual disability.


Here it goes:

I promise to take care of you.

I promise to listen attentively and you are important more than any paperwork that I do.

I promise to laugh with you.

I promise to ask for your help because you are capable not because its convenient for me.

I promise to look in your eyes with sincerity so you feel that you are important and I care.

I promise that I stand up for you, to protect you.

I promise that I will see you as a person who deserves respect like anyone else.

I promise I will not raise my voice to you because  I have a hard day, I will be silent and walk away but I promise to come back to apologize and let you know that I need space at that time.

I promise that I will help you to look your best, smell your best and “good enough” is not good enough, it should be the best at all times, that is my priority and my promise to you.

I promise that I will be courteous to you-you will not hear me use a foul language, you will hear me say thank you and please with sincerity.

I promise that I will not accept nor condone to be disrespected and so are you.

I promise that I will be consistent to help you learn the skills than do things for you just to get the job done…you are not a job, you are person deserving to learn, make mistakes and gain wisdom from your experiences.

I promise not to judge but I will do my best to find the truth and we will work with the solution together.

I promise to tell you the truth- not embarrassed you and talk about you as a third person – at all times, that is my promise.
I OWE this to you.

I owe to teach you and learn the skills you deserve.

This is my promise, my commitment, my word, my stand, my oath that I pledge to you.


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