Hackschooling – Let’s talk about this

I found this article and video and described as:
Logan LaPlante is 13 and he has dropped out of school. He is a leader in a new generation that is questioning the traditional education system. With the support of his parents he decided to ‘hack’ the education system and develop his own curriculum which includes weekly work experience in an industry he is passionate about and at least one day a week is spent entirely outside.

As someone who also dropped out of education to join the ‘University of Life’ I’m intrigued by Logan’s talk. I want to know what you guys think. Is the education system outdated? Should more kids be ‘Hackschooling’?

As for me, my thoughts about this:

This is what you call being avant-garde. Logan did not say no to education. He wants an education that actually works for his future. If you ask what will motivate children/ youth to be excited to go to school. Don’t let them wait for reality when they got older, until they get stuck and unsure because the reality started later in life.
Great job Logan! Way to go!


Be an Avant-garde...leave a reply and stay tune!

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