How 50 Cups of Coffee Can Change Your Life BY Peter Thomson

How 50 Cups of Coffee Can Change Your Life BY Peter Thomson

I was inspired by this article/ blog. I had the opportunity to apply the same principle in my current venture. When you have an idea, a goal, dreams or aspirations that you want to make it a reality or test on how it will unfold, this process becomes necessary. You do not need to feel alone or be alone.

In my pursuit to establish the group coaching + workshop + private coaching programs, I hammered all the work. This includes trusting my hut* (heart + gut). I asked for help, feedback, honesty about my working goals, plans and moves…from my husband, immediate family, my friends from other countries, colleagues, business consultants and thru prayers. These were long conversations, debates, arguments, lots of laughs (and yeah, did I mention lots of discussion over dining too…yum!), long watsup or facebook chats, travels from one point of the city to another, etc. When I sum it up, it was a journey towards success. It was my choice to do this work. Why? Because its very important to me not just to be successful as an entrepreneur but who will benefit from what I do. Because I care that much with the people I will be working with. I believe with the value on what I can offer and this value puts my clients on a high regard of who they can become in finding joy/ happiness….because living life in happiness is a beautiful thing.


*Thanks to Alexandran Franzen-my genius copywriter inspiration.


5 thoughts on “How 50 Cups of Coffee Can Change Your Life BY Peter Thomson

  1. More power to you…you are a force to reckon with. I am happy that you have opened yourself to share your awesome strength and invaluable insight. Sharing these will empower people to take that first step outside of the box that confine and limit them. At the same time you inspire them into becoming what they were meant to be not what other people think they ought to be. I for one will continue to read your blogs and be grateful that you are doing what you have always want to do…they always say for people who are great at what they do that “sky is the limit”, I say when your *heart* is in the right place, why put a limit at all?


    1. Well said. I agree. Why feel limited if we know that we are a very capable human being. We are limitless if we believe that. Sometimes it’s our selves that hinders to accelerate on what life has to offer. So, I say, be an avant-garde all the time!


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