Chef David Chang of Momofuku on Kaizen & Hansei

I read an interesting article by Food Reporter Michele Henry of Toronto Star about Chef Chang of Momofuku. He is the owner, chef and entrepreneur of this rising star at the heart of Toronto. I love ramen but I haven’t visited this place yet.

It was not the food that struck a chord with me about this article – it was Chef Chang’s journey towards his success. Michele was truthful to personify the struggles of the business moreso, for the Chef. I was most impressed about the admittance of their struggles. For me, it was authentic.

They mentioned about Kaizen and Hansei – the Japanese philosophy about “continuous improvement and self-reflection. For me, mistakes are inevitable but it’s how we rise from it will leave the legacy. Success is something we strive for, if and only we can recognize what we can improve and admit to correct. 

Well, Chef Chang,  I wish you all the best and thanks for the inspiration that you shared about your journey. 


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