#LoveWeek – Global Movement

#LoveWeek – Global Movement

I read about this global movement about #loveweek. I was curious at the start then more and more I read about it, I found it very interesting. Well, at first I was intimidated by the hastag. What is hastag anyways? I didn’t have a twitter account and I thought this is too time consuming. But I was drawn by the inspiration about the #loveweek. So my journey begun….I got my whole team joined the global movement for love week this 2014.

The more I got everyone interested and fully implemented the idea, I had an epiphany: Love requires so much effort. Love takes a lot of work. Loves takes up so much time.

But that’s what “love” is all about. Oftentimes we forget the true essence of love. Oftentimes we ask for it but not truly know how to give love. We thought about how could we be loved without thinking more on how could I give love. With this #loveweek, I become more and more aware that inspiring a human spirit, we just need to give an effort, work for it and truly, freely give love. The more we think of working on giving love, we get in return without knowing that same authentic love.


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