My Magical Week @ Valentine’s Day.

This has been an amazing week to celebrate Valentine’s. It all started with an idea to join the global movement about #loveweek from Mindvalley at work. The more I think about sharing and making it work, I was confronted with lots of it-won’t-work thoughts. You see, my team works on different shifts and locations. To get this working, we need to be truly creative. I trusted my hut (heart+gut) that pitching this to the wonderful people I work with, this would be a slice of cake. And so it was.

With one email and one text to the group, a resounding “yes” to join-in flooded my phone/ email – it was a 100% “yes”- in just 2 hours. Then I met with the next obstacle: “How could I follow the rule #1, randomly picking names in a hat, since we don’t work at the same time in one place?” I went with my hut, again. I said to myself, I need to be more creative to get this moving. And so I did. I contracted someone from other team to do the random picking for us. She would pick a name then send us only one text message – the Human we need to shower our love everyday (in so many different ways) for one full week until Valentine’s Day. Within 30 minutes we received that text, everyone seemed to have magically worked around in giving gifts and sending love messages to our Humans.

This #loveweek made my week filled with love. I felt so much loved not because I received gifts from my Secret Angel but the phenomenon it created within my team. I have never seen so many people so eager to go to work. I have seen so much creativity and even the simple notes made our day so different from any other days.

cookie IMAG0971 Jen Mahal

As for me, I ended my #loveweek with full of love – my time at Habitat for Humanity. This is another experience where I learned love is service in action. I learned a renewed meaning about leadership – his name is Roger. He has been volunteering for 3 years now which occurred after his retirement. Our crew didn’t talk much under Roger’s supervision. There were few words exchanged during the whole day at work but I have never seen a group worked so seamlessly. So, I learned that when a group has clear purpose, you don’t need long conversations to get things done. Roger given us straightforward instructions – simple and clear but we actually got our specific area of work completed. Roger made us do the actual labour -drill onto the drywall, cut it according to specific measures, insulate, etc. Moreso, he made us feel trusted and he was being true to the purpose of the Habitat’s role in utilizing the volunteers time and effort. I felt acknowledge for my time and effort – with less words spoken.

So, thus far, this week at #loveweek has been a magical and amazing week to capture what truly love is. As for me, here are the lessons I received this Valentine’s week:

1. Love is a concept in action.

2. Work is actually fun.

3. Focus on purpose means less talk but lot of action.

4. True service has no age limitations, its given freely and lovingly without expecting anything in return.

Finally, Valentine’s is truly not just for couple’s who are romantically involved. Valentine’s is about – LOVE! Now, from what I shared to you above, you already know what that means. What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “My Magical Week @ Valentine’s Day.

  1. Great post, makes me want to go out and do something out of love. i agree a 100%, but wanted to add…Life may pull us away in a hundred different directions but everything gravitates to one center and I fully believe familial love is that force. So on this day, thank you for sharing your amazing insight and allowing us a place to share ours. And may all our families recognize and feel the love we all feel though it may not be often perceived.


    1. I agee! Yesterday, I shared a dinner date with my sister with all-you-can-eat Sushi, no husbands, so it was nice spending the end of our day with family. Love is so much effort and its freely given and worked on. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I hope you always feel loved from your family. Sending all my love to you.


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