Is It Only Me?



Is it only me who takes a long time in the shower because it helps me in generating lots of ideas- whether solving a problem at work, strategies to convince my husband with my options, etc? I feel like the flow of the water when I’m showering is like a continuous downpour of ideas. Well then, I might just need to allocate more budget towards my bills to Toronto Water.

Seriously, when I told my husband, Peter, about this crazy concept. He gave me more crazier concept: install a white board on the wall in the washroom. In this way, he continued, whenever I thought of ideas or solutions or strategies, I can easily write it down and it will never be forgotten. Well, in the end, it’s not a crazy concept after all.  With showering – I’m still experiencing the “flow” (with more conscientious effort not to waste water).


Is it only me that whenever you feel like there are so many things in your mind, you instead do some house chores? Whenever I feel like there are so many things, ideas, worries, etc rushing in my brain- I wash the dishes, scrub the kitchen floor, do laundry, fold laundry, reorganize my closet, etc. It feels like that when my body is in motion I tend to keep my thoughts in motion too. The distorted ideas become organized as soon as I work on the dishes. Things are getting done so does my thoughts becoming clearer and as if solutions or strategies gets solve on its own too. The motion of my body become my source of generating patterns to work out my brain to be strategically in motion. So what do I do if I get a clearer perspective or ideas or solutions? I immediately write it down. This helps me get down to the bottom of things. I’m a visual person. When I visually picture the words, do my mapping tool strategy, it becomes a working progress. So, I’m ready to work on solving and nearer to my success.


That’s all folks….the biggest lesson here: take a shower and do some chores (wink). 


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