It should not just be “getting the job” – it’s maintaining, advancing and being happy to your chosen path.

This is the long version of the article that was published at the Canadian Immigrant magazine March issue. Yay!

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First, I apologize for the long title. Then, I apologize for apologizing because it was known that to attract good impression, do not start saying sorry. But I did. Because I want to be different.

We already know the facts of what hardships does to new immigrants when arriving to a new country. In Canada, new immigrants are faced with the question: “do you have a Canadian experience” over and over. It’s very frustrating and at some level, it’s cruel. Immigrants knows more about sacrifice, hard work, challenges and prejudice than anyone else. At some point, we felt these feelings in different situations. The other point of view that immigrants does not tackle or accept to face is their inability to accept, truly accept, “change.” We delve on “this-is-how-we-are-used-to-back home” mentality. Either we pity ourselves or seek pity because we are “immigrants,” it became an excuse. This is the reason…

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One thought on “It should not just be “getting the job” – it’s maintaining, advancing and being happy to your chosen path.

  1. On 2014-04-19 9:46 PM, “Silvia Di Blasio” wrote:

    Hi Mahal,
    I finally had some time to read the letter you sent to the magazine in March. I can see your passion to coach people to want more from life reflected on that letter.
    My experience as a person, as an immigrant and as a coach is that most people get settle for little because there are many barriers and challenges (some internal, some external) that prevent them from going further…sometimes it is culture, education, family constraints, money, health and sometimes they don’t want to make the effort or think the effort may be done in another area of their lives…we also make assumptions from outside, but many are satisfied with simple things and that is OK as well.

    I coach clients for free as I work for a non-profit organization and this program (Skills Connect) is funded by the government, so immigrants don’t pay a cent for the services: they have an entire year to be supported, not just in their job search but in their career planning (the “now what” from your letter) and also in job maintenance. However, a high percentage of the clients disappear during the first months: once they get their first “survival” job they have all kind of excuses (real or imaginary) and don’t continue with their action plans…this leads to not achieving their goals and not taking advantage of these free services. These services include paying 2/3 of their training, credential evaluation and certifications of licenses required for them to get professional jobs, we even authorize expenses that may not be “required” but that LMI research shows will make them competitive when looking for jobs (or creating their own business)…still we have a high percentage of people who don’t use this service…

    I think it is not related to being immigrant, Canadian or alien, it is related to other personal characteristics: are you driven by success? Do you have a clear definition of what success is for you? Have you thought about what is your purpose in life? Are you curious and competitive in a good sense? People who respond “no” to the above questions will not pursue anything beyond the easy path. And sometimes that easy path is just to stay in a Tim Horton’s job…

    The sad reality is that those who may pay for coaching services are the ones who may not need them: first, they have disposable income if they can do so (most immigrants don’t have disposable income during their firsts months in Canada or if they do, they have other priorities and may use that “extra” money for buying “stuff”, sending money home, taking vacations, etc.) and secondly, anybody who is eager and willing to pay for coaching is already proactive towards success in his/her life. Those who really would benefit from coaching won’t pay for it, as they don’t use them when is freely available either…
    Although I work helping people to figure out their careers and jobs in Canada, my priority has shifted a bit and now I’m putting more effort on community resilience and simplifying lifestyles using the concept of the “Right Livelihood”: doing what you love while earning your life (i.e. money) and making good to others (including the planet and other species) at the same time…it is a high goal with a different definition of success (success is, in this case, being happy while making others happy and, at the same time, not making anybody less happy and has nothing to do with fame, status or money) and very difficult to achieve in the complex world we live in, but one that’s for me the only one worth trying…
    Take care,

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