How Does “Fulfillment,” Feels Like?



Wow! In my journey to challenge my coaching skills, Co-active Coaching Program has revealed more than skills that I can use in my practice. It showed me the strength of what I can become as a person, as a coach, as a woman and as a yearning individual.


Now, I will share with you how does “fulfillment” feels like with the hope it will evoke inspiration to your own journey to a fully lived life and more.


As for me, when I hear the word “fulfillment,” it feels like this:

  • I want more!
  • We are a “gift.”
  • I am a gift.
  • I am success.
  • I am “ok” to be feisty (in a good way).
  • I am ferociously loving.
  • My Saboteur is not my enemy, she is my challenger and a reminder.
  • As Lady Gaga says: “I’m on the edge of glory!” 


Now it’s your turn. How does fulfillment feels like?


Be an Avant-garde...leave a reply and stay tune!

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