Exploring the Big Questions

An Interview with Louie Schwartzberg at Oprah’s Soul Sunday. This evoked a sense of peace, gratitude and more love for me.

The most poignant part of the interview was the “Finish This Sentence” from Oprah that Louie answered so majestically (in my opinion).

Moving Art
Work of Louie Schwartzberg


Guess what are those? Read on. Be inspired. Let’s explore the big questions together:


(O) What is a Soul?  

(L) Window into a living universe that makes us celebrate life.


(O) The world needs….

(L) to live in harmony with nature in order to create a sustainable planet for the future of our children.


(O) I believe…

(L) that life is a force of energy.


(O) Art is….

(L) being in the creative zone and is a reflection of the creative energy of the living universe.


(O) Photography… 

(L) is my practice and my way of connecting with the outside world.


(O) Nature is… 

(L) truth manifesting the order and intelligence of a living universe.


(O) Beauty…. 

(L) is our heart opener that make us a fall in love with the planet in order to protect it.


(O) I find Joy  in….. 

(L) capturing magic moments to  share with people.


(O) What is your definition of God…

(L) A sense of wonder at realizing that life is a force of energy and we need to celebrate life.


(O) What is the purpose of human experience…

(L) To be connected with the living universe and realize that you’re just  playing a small part in it.


(O) What do you know for sure?

(L) That everything is energy and life is change.


(O) What do you think happens when we die?

(L) The older we get does it seems that life accelerates get faster and faster and people say when they are about to die that life pass by before them? So, perhaps that  the moment you die it accelerates so fast  that puts you in a time warp where it puts in a portal of another universe. 


Such inspiration. Our life is a platform full of inspiration. It just depends on how we take it.


If you will play along with me about “Finish This Sentence,” what would be yours on:

  1. What is Soul?
  2. The world needs….
  3. I believe…
  4. Art is….
  5. Photography/ Coaching/ Writing/  (your profession) is…
  6. Nature is…
  7. Beauty is…
  8. I find joy  in…..
  9. What is your definition of God?
  10. What is the purpose of human experience?
  11. What do you know for sure?
  12. What do you think happens when we die?



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