When the gardener is planting his garden, he engages in making things happen. Then knowing the nature of how things grow he lets it happen. Nature takes over. The seeds follow their own blueprint, unfolding in their own design to bring bounty and beauty of the garden to fruition. The gardener does only what he needs to do: water, fertilize and weed.
Manifesting is about balancing the polarity of control and surrender. It’s balancing the involvement of your personality and the involvement of your spirit in the creation of your life’s journey – my will versus Thy Will.”
Ragini Elizabeth Michaels

The power of poweful conversation led me to obtain this quote. I met with Gregory and he shared the quote of what became the essence of our conversation.  I was grateful to Gregory. I was grateful that through our exchange of ideas I gained greater clarity about my coaching practice and the essence of Avant-garde. What was the clarity? I am on a right path. Being an avant-garde is a way of life. Challenges are good. I came to a realization that I’m the sledge hammer of the barriers to possibilities. 

Answer this: Who are you right now? 


Be an Avant-garde...leave a reply and stay tune!

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