Social Media: What’s in it for me?

Me and the world of social media platforms, where should I belong to conquer success in business and in life?


Seek and you shall find.

That was my answer in this journey of entrepreneurship. And being a coach, I truly learned to follow my intuition (my hut: heart+gut) to help me find success and eliminate barriers. This led me to connect with Ferko from the land of fire and ice – Iceland.

Frantisek Borsik (Ferko) struck me as a  person who is driven and daring to find success.

He gave me a personalized and educational social media strategy that I would like to share with you, with Ferko’s permission as well. Here are my learning and his input:

1. Have a great website. Change it. Update. Be progressive.

Ferko said: First of all, before initiating any campaign in Google (or any other platform, possibly) you need to have a brand new web site. (Many reasons why. Google crawlers/spiders will consider your current web site like “poor” and Google will assume that you are not delivering good user experience on your web site in the first place, and therefore you will “earn” bad Quality Score).

The picture with big “P” or the equation of all equations in Google advertising:

He emphasized that all my social media platforms must be all linked together to obtain message consistency, in other words that’s just how proper branding works.

2. Mobile web site – it’s a must! 

He said that: To demonstrate inevitable of having a mobile website today, some simple facts:

He continued:

I strongly do believe that after all this points you will come to realization that: (a) You need proper mobile web site or (b) at least   a “” version of your website (cheaper, but not as good as proper mobile website).

To add even more emphasis…3 simple characters: IBM — They see the future. And future is MOBILE (think smartphones, tablets and even wearables like Google Glasses, Google Watch etc.).

3. Logo – this is my brand. 

He said that: Must be the same all over your online presence. In your’s email signature, through all your websites and blogs up to all social media profiles (should be visible even on your FB and Twitter, as we agreed to use both your personal accounts for business purposes too).

4. Social Media Marketing. You must be out there!

He said: So far we have FB and Twitter (profiles will be assessed and updated, settings changed if necessary). We need to open up:

 LinkedIn (company profile)


 — we should consider even Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram:

Plus we need to assess and probably reinforce all your presence on websites of associations of coaches and everything that You are a member of and it’s related to your business.

 — then, “share” buttons every where, on all websites/blogs…to lead visitors to share/tweet/like/whatever you are posting.

5. Be a true expert. Give it for free.

I was a little uneasy about this. My friendly Saboteur would say: “Are you kidding yourself? Who will pay your bills/ rent?”

However, I found value to what he meant that: “lessons” are showcases of what I can do.

He said: Provide free Skype chat with potential client or anything like that.

Followed by with a little bit of reassurance, he said: we will discuss that and we will find something great!


6. Use what I can leverage. 

Ferko even considered using my background as a Filipino to leverage this.


He said: I know that most of them are bilingual or even trilingual…but what about having a language version of your site even in Tagalog? For example, here in Iceland – literally 95% of the people speak English, but still – they really like all the people living here speak icelandic and you can approach them much better with icelandic etc. 

I mean, I don’t know if it’s the same or similar for Filipinos…but I want just to ask.

Besides that, I believe that you have “product” tailored specifically for them, right?

Whether I will leverage it or not, he considered this point seriously for me. As for me, it’s a definite to think about that I could adapt or not.

7. Take advantage of the social media platforms. Continue to leverage the tech generation.

He said:…for example: “YouTube (although owned by Google) is the world’s second largest independent search engine. Every second of every day, 1,140 searches are performed on YouTube. Every minute, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

 — in translation – You need to be there.

 “Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn have very sophisticated search engines. Results can be filtered by name, gender, subject, geography, companies, and schools – however you want to slice and dice it. ” 

 — You are searching, but more importantly, all the people out there are doing it. And they will do it even more in the next years..

8. Be a Linkedin Influencer. I say what?!

He said: It’s so..EASY .-)  

When a member publishes a post on LinkedIn, their original content becomes part of their professional profile, is shared with their trusted network, and has the ability to reach the world’s largest group of professionals.

9. Headshots. Get one! It’s a must. So pucker up and put on your best foot forward (literally).

Ferko was not only my social media strategist/ consultant but my stylist (just being humorous). He made sure that I get professional headshots to use in all my social media profiles particularly in my website.

Well, I was proud to say I was ahead with him about this. But, I appreciate how thorough he is taking his role in my business.

I hope you found value here that you can use. You can connect with Ferko at Lindkedin as Frantisek Borsik if you would like a personalize strategy for your business.

Well, that’s it for now. My assignment from Ferko, I need to start working on my priorities with social media. What will be yours for your business?


2 thoughts on “Social Media: What’s in it for me?

  1. I will start whole future work with…opening my mind :-)…if we take it from there, then everything is possible .-). Very well Mahal, this is the way to go, definitely.


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