I have become a life coach after over 20 years of dynamic career with top ranking global companies. During those years I held jobs in advertising, marketing and general management on three different continents.

I am also a mother of an 18-years old creative genius and a partner to the best man on the planet. We share each other’s passions, dreams and memories about how we were changing schools, jobs and houses while moving our dog and our art collection around the globe.

Throughout my professional career I learned how to motivate people in variety of organizational cultures. I acquired tremendous technical knowledge and had to master the art of corporate politics. However my passion has always been in people development and in building culture of trust and inclusion.

I must confess that not everything I did was a success, but there had been a lot of great learning. I was lucky to work with the best experts, the most creative colleagues and bosses with super-brains and mega-hearts.

Looking back at my years in corporate world what I am most proud of today is the network of friends I have built all over the world. My fondest memories are those of people challenging their thinking, setting ambitious goals and helping each other to fulfill their wildest dreams.

This is why I become a life coach – I am fascinated by the limitless capacity of human spirit.

I am inspired by people driven by their inner values and reaching for the stars no matter what.

I don’t care about labels – job titles, social classes, nationalities, gender stereotypes – I am passionate about creativity, ingenuity and stamina of a quiet hero on a quest for happiness and fulfillment.

What is your quest?

My new Avant-garde Co-active Coach joining the Team. Welcome Elena Khomenko!

Connect with her at Linkedin.


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