Do you really know how to “process” your inner “self”?


Catching yourself doubting if you’re making the right decision?

At times we have to hold a difficult conversation. This involves balancing values and (work) ethics while responding to the pressing matter.


You can now have a regular check-in with a professional Avant-garde coach and learn to understand the impact of your words and actions, without shame, guilt or fear.


Just pick up the phone and one of our coaches will help you to explore and appreciate the truth of the matter.


You have the power to choose when coaching happens.

  • You will have 5 sessions of a 30-minute each in this package that you can use any time within 2 months for $199 over the phone or Skype.
  • For 2 months you can call between Monday-Saturday around 8:30am-5pm for 30 minutes coaching. If you have any quick question, drop us an email at or call us at 647-777-8438.


Helping you to find Courage, Truth and Accountability.

Deepen that learning.

Act now to move you forward in life.


Be an Avant-garde...leave a reply and stay tune!

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