Transform Your Life!

It has been truly a year of transformation for me.

Right now, I am so excited to share to everyone about my new co-creation!

I was invited by Transformation Publishing to write a chapter of a collaborative book project called Transform Your Life! Book 2. This book will feature experts offering tools to inspire transformation in readers’ lives!  At this same time, the book will feature authors who have overcome tremendous obstacles and through them found meaning and purpose to not only transform their lives but the lives of other.   If you are familiar with the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, this is similar in that it will feature different writers.

So, I will be one of the authors that will contribute a chapter!


Part of the reason I am excited about this project is because I know the long term impact that this book will have in the lives of those who read it. It’s mission is to help people from around the world by spreading the word to anyone you know who can benefit from this book.

The creators-Natalie and Joeel Rivera believe that we all have within us the power to create whatever reality we want, to transform the lives of those around us, and leave a legacy behind. And I believe the same way that this book will empower you and others to live to your fullest potential and dare to dream bigger, while making a difference to those who witness your transformation.

All my life I thought I will never be part of something amazing like this. Eventhough my life has been a wild journey, it was a totally different experience for me when I was encouraged to tell my story and my transformation. I owe most of it from my husband, Peter, who told me I got to share my voice. I never believe him which actually means I really didn’t believe myself. This transformation led to create The Avant-garde Company and since then I came clean to who I was becoming….and so it was time to tell my story.

Here’s the glimpse of why I was invited to be one of the co-author when I wrote this blog: The Fierce Me:

“I am a young 39 years old woman, a Filipino immigrant of 13 years in Toronto, a childless mother for 10 years, an alluring wife to an Irish-Canadian, grammatically-error fiercely courageous leader, a child-like spirit with a freedom fighter soul  and a soft-spoken harsh realist who “always” sees the possibilities.”

Be part of this book’s movement to help people transform their lives. Simply spread the word.

The book can be purchased at:

Until Oct. 15, 2014, you can use use this discount code to get 37% off: mahal37

Otherwise you can buy them starting November at Amazon, Barnes & Noble E-Book: Kindle, Nook, iPad for $15.95! (Plus $3 Shipping*)

*For international purchases outside of the continental U.S., additional shipping fees apply ( $3 to CA, $7 to UK, $8 to AU). Billed separately.

It’s time to celebrate with me in this opportunity and make a difference!


Be an Avant-garde...leave a reply and stay tune!

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