You got to know your WHY!

This is a workshop to help you to focus where you are today and how you got here. We will talk about what is at stake, what moves you, and what blocks you.

Get clarity of what your life’s purpose or mission, values, principles or personal beliefs are.

Are you satisfied? Why or why not?

This is a 3-hour experiential workshop with a lot of movements, conversation, self-reflection, feedback and acknowledgment. There is also music, meditation and worksheets to identify your “here” and the truth of your present.

At Avant-garde we keep the workshop deliberately small because we want to get to know you. Like, for real.

Your choice of available Toronto workshop dates:

April 18- 9:30am-12:30pm

April 18 – 2:00pm-5:00pm

All sessions are held at: Intuitive Centre, 796 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto M4G 2L1

Gain insight to your Courage, Vulnerability and Truth towards your life’s possibilities.


Hope you will join us so we can hear your side of the story.


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