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Do you really know how to “process” your inner “self”?


Catching yourself doubting if you’re making the right decision?

At times we have to hold a difficult conversation. This involves balancing values and (work) ethics while responding to the pressing matter.


You can now have a regular check-in with a professional Avant-garde coach and learn to understand the impact of your words and actions, without shame, guilt or fear.


Just pick up the phone and one of our coaches will help you to explore and appreciate the truth of the matter.


You have the power to choose when coaching happens.

  • You will have 5 sessions of a 30-minute each in this package that you can use any time within 2 months for $199 over the phone or Skype.
  • For 2 months you can call between Monday-Saturday around 8:30am-5pm for 30 minutes coaching. If you have any quick question, drop us an email at or call us at 647-777-8438.


Helping you to find Courage, Truth and Accountability.

Deepen that learning.

Act now to move you forward in life.


Discover your Core


Discover your Core-Front

We are made of layers, like an onion. We’re not always sure how others perceive us, and we hope it’s consistent with how we think of ourselves. We sometimes are unsure who we are and this is because we are like an onion. You and I are made up of layers without truly knowing what is in our core beings.


We at Avant-garde is exploring this journey through is a self-discovery session to help you get to know all your layers. Carefully, we will peel your layers to have a look at what’s beneath.


You feel somewhat ready and want to try the peeling process by identifying your layers. You are brave enough to have this conversation and take mini-steps in your journey.


This is a delicate process and at Avant-garde we are sensitive to that. You are a brave soul to get started.


Here’s what we will do during the self-discovery:

  • We will meet face-to-face for 2 hours and Mahal or Elena will walk you through gentle thought-provoking questions to label the “layers”. As a result you will understand why you act the way you do during stressful situations.
  • We will identify the triggers of your fears and how you can make courageous steps and deal with your fears.
  • Just a thought of warning: I will speak to you like no one dares to! This is to evoke your true creative, resourceful and whole being.


Find your Authenticity, Courage and Hope to uncover your possibilities.



Click here to pay $199 and send us a date and time for our “Onion” self-discovery meeting.

The Avant-garde Company, yours to discover!

The Avant-garde Company, yours to discover!

What do I want to do? Here’s what I say to the people who I’m taking the journey with:

– I will help you figure out the road map you wish to take in your career and personal life.

– I will guide you to find the areas that you need to enhance your quality of life as we both discover what turns you need to take.

– I will connect you with resources that you can engage to amplify joy in your journey.

–  I will stand by your side when you are ready to create the formula of your success and in obtaining the proper skills and healing techniques. Joy in your life will be revived. Joy will emanate from you to better the people around you.

– When you feel that you have done everything for your family, your company and your team but there is still something missing, we will connect the link between reality and your dreams.

– When you feel you are not in tune with your body, with your family, and it takes every bit of your energy to continue, you still feel adrift, we will design the pathway to your joy and contentment.

– We will carve, draw, paint, drive, walk, run and jump to the bliss of your life. With that, you can close your eyes with a smile on your face….everyday…that will last every time you open your eyes again.

How 50 Cups of Coffee Can Change Your Life BY Peter Thomson

How 50 Cups of Coffee Can Change Your Life BY Peter Thomson

I was inspired by this article/ blog. I had the opportunity to apply the same principle in my current venture. When you have an idea, a goal, dreams or aspirations that you want to make it a reality or test on how it will unfold, this process becomes necessary. You do not need to feel alone or be alone.

In my pursuit to establish the group coaching + workshop + private coaching programs, I hammered all the work. This includes trusting my hut* (heart + gut). I asked for help, feedback, honesty about my working goals, plans and moves…from my husband, immediate family, my friends from other countries, colleagues, business consultants and thru prayers. These were long conversations, debates, arguments, lots of laughs (and yeah, did I mention lots of discussion over dining too…yum!), long watsup or facebook chats, travels from one point of the city to another, etc. When I sum it up, it was a journey towards success. It was my choice to do this work. Why? Because its very important to me not just to be successful as an entrepreneur but who will benefit from what I do. Because I care that much with the people I will be working with. I believe with the value on what I can offer and this value puts my clients on a high regard of who they can become in finding joy/ happiness….because living life in happiness is a beautiful thing.


*Thanks to Alexandran Franzen-my genius copywriter inspiration.