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Uncover your possibilities

Self-reflection Front


Get clarity of what your life’s purpose or mission, values, principles or personal beliefs are.

Are you satisfied? Why or why not?


This is a 3-hour experiential workshop with a lot of movements, conversation, self-reflection, feedback and acknowledgment. There is also music, meditation and worksheets to identify your “here” and the truth of your present.


Insights to your Fun, Courage, Vulnerability and Truth towards your life’s possibilities.


Click here to pay $35.

At Avant-garde we keep the workshop deliberately small because we want to get to know you. Like, for real.


Available 2014 workshop dates are:

Sept 22 – 6pm-8pm

Sept 25 – 6pm-8pm

Sept 27 – 10am-12noon

Sept 27 – 2pm-4pm

Sept 28 – 10am-12noon

Sept 28 – 2pm-4pm


Husband Knows Best

I often tell my husband that he got a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in his big head. Often I joke….”what  happened dear that you never get to use it?” It was part humour and frustration because he is such a very smart, wise and intelligent human being but he is just comfortable and contented to where he is right now. As for me, I see it as my vantage point.  I know I’m a doer. I don’t seem to get satisfied to be doing just one thing. I’m always looking for something to do…a project , he says. I want to create, I want to do something amazing and live it.


One day I was taking this journey of self-awareness. I was taking the challenge of actually doing the exercises  about clarifying my dreams, my vision and what my goals are. I even took meditation and bought a book..things that I won’t normally do or even thought of doing. Well for one, meditation will make me fall asleep. Two, buying a book. Why do it whereas the world wide web has it all? I would normally say, just “google it.” But I just did it anyways because I’m on this journey. I decided to take this path because I’m damn too tired of waiting for others and leaving it to chance. I’m so fed up of people telling me it won’t work. But all I want is to solve a problem. All I want is to make happiness part of our everyday life and of the future. All I want to do is feel joy and a sense of purpose and success to whatever work, job, task, problems we face.  For once, I want to see people say, “let’s do it!”


My husband knows best. He told me that I can do anything I want to be. He is my number one raving fan. He does it because he believes in me especially when I don’t. He was the first one to tell me that “you can’t” just to test me so I could get out of this negative feeling of “I can’t.” He told me that its best to just do it because when you do, it will open opportunities of mistakes towards learning. And this learning are my building blocks to success. I will learn not to repeat the same task therefore I will be better and have higher chances of achieving what I want. It really sounds so simple. I thought of myself, I know that already. I could have thought about it. But  I didn’t. But he did and I’m glad he did it to me.


November-30-13; 1:39 PM